Parks and Recreation

The mission of Parks & Recreation is to provide quality parks and leisure activities to the citizens of Walton County. Through the commitment and vision of Walton County residents, the Commissioners, and the Recreation Board, Walton County parks will continue to grow. All of Walton County Parks & Recreation are committed to building on this in the future, and look forward to finding new ways to meet your recreational needs.

Administration 770-266-1680
Loganville 770-466-4050
Monroe 770-267-7525
Social Circle 770-464-3374
Parks & Recreation Areas in Walton County
The Creek at Hard Labor 888-353-4592
Fair Weather Flights 678-725-3542
Monroe Art Guild, Inc 770-207-8937
Monroe Golf & Country Club 770-267-8424
The Providence Club 770-207-4332
Social Circle Theater 770-464-2269
Whippoorwill Hollow Organic Farm 770-464-2269
Woodlake Golf Course 770-207-5511
Loganville Parks 770-266-1650
West Walton Park, 925 Twin Lakes Road
Meridian Park, Hwy 81 Twin Lakes Road
Monroe Parks 770-267-7525
The Ag Center, 1208 Criswell Road
Central Walton Park, Norris Street
Coker Park, 1245 South Madison Ave.
Criswell Park, 1190 Criswell Road
Felker Park, 725 South Madison Ave.
Hammond Park, 150 Russell Circle
Kidd Park, 419 Towler Street
Mathews Park, 1016 East Marable Street
Pilot Park, 515 Church Street
Nowell Gym,201 West Spring Street
Social Circle Parks 770-464-3374
South Walton Park, 50 Fairplay Road
Stephens Park, 725 Annie P. Henderson
McGarity Park, Alcovy Station Road