Walton County Chamber Protection & Privacy Policy

The Walton County Chamber of Commerce (the “Chamber”) is committed to utilizing technology in a manner that protects those who interact with the Chamber and ensures that they have a safe online experience.  This statement of Protection and Privacy regulates all email system usage by the staff of the Chamber and the technological interaction of members and visitors with the Chamber.
Email Usage
Email accounts provided by the Chamber are to be used only for job-related or certain pre-approved personal communications.  Anyone using the email system shall be put on notice that the Chamber has the right to monitor, inspect, or retrieve email messages.
 The system shall not be used to convey obscene, pornographic, or offensive materials.  Deleted messages may be retrieved from the system as deemed necessary by the Chamber.  Email messages are subject to being used in legal proceedings if requested; therefore users of the email system shall use the utmost care when sending and/or receiving messages.
Visits to the Chamber Website
The Chamber tracks website utilization to aid in enhancing the website, its usefulness and the services the Chamber offers to its members and the community.  Persons who browse the website or download information are automatically counted for usage purposes.  However, this information is utilized strictly to aid the Chamber in making the site more useful.  Any personal information regarding visitors is not tracked, recorded or stored..
When information is sent by a person or party to the Chamber via application or email, this information is used to comply with the respective request. Information is not collected except to respond to the requesting party, and that request is treated in the same manner as a letter.  Information about members is not shared with commercial marketers or organizations requesting lists of members.
Links to Other Sites
The Chamber website provides links to other agencies.  In order to provide more useful information to visitors and better access to Chamber-related sites.  These links do not constitute an endorsement by the Chamber of the linked agencies or their products or services.
Security of the Chamber website is accomplished by utilizing software systems which monitor the activity and any attempt to retrieve information from the system by an outside unauthorized source.