Member Testimonial: Ginny Givens

Member Testimonials,

"When I started my business in a new-to-me community, I thought the best way to get to know my potential market would be to get involved in the local community. It was a natural first step to join the Walton County Chamber of Commerce. 10 years later and I can easily say over 75% of my clientele comes from a direct relationship built through the Chamber or a referral from a chamber member. I truly believe in the cliché “People Do Business With People They Know & Trust.” What better way to get to know people and build trustworthy relationships than through involvement in your local chamber. As far as ROI, the Chamber membership has far surpassed any other investment of marketing funds and time in growing my business.”


Ginny Givens CEOGinny Givens, CEO
Ginny’s Custom Embroidery Inc.