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S.M.B. Health and Fitness, LLC

S.M.B. Health and Fitness, LLC

200 South Broad St. Suite C
Monroe, GA 30655
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Living most of our adult life overweight and out of shape, we knew we had to make a change - a permanent one! We discovered our forever plan....just eating Real Food and doing Real Exercise and that gave us Real Results....we lost over 150 lbs between the two of us. I became a Master Certified Health Coach and a Certified REFITĀ®/REV+FLOW Fitness Instructor, and Eddie, an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. Our passion is to help others develop their forever plan so that they can live their best life. Real Food and Real Exercise changed the quality of our life and allowed us the freedom to LIVE each day.....OUR WAY! We can help YOU find your forever plan and develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime!

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Dawn Young
Dawn Young Master Certified Health Coach, Certified REFIT Fitness Instructor, Certified REV+FLOW Instructor Owner
Eddie Young
Eddie Young ACE Certified Personal Trainer Co-Owner
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