Leadership Walton

Leadership Walton

The Leadership Walton program is designed as an educational experience that increases all participant’s knowledge and awareness of community institutions and familiarizes them with community leaders and resources. Through this experience the participants become better able to involve themselves in the community and better prepared to lead Walton to a better future. Leadership Walton does not attempt to create a consensus of opinion or to promote any specific issue.

The Walton County Chamber of Commerce sponsors the Leadership Walton organization. It is one of many Leadership organizations established throughout Georgia and the United States.

Who Participates in Leadership Walton?

Those who care about the quality of life in our community and who wish to develop their skills to help shape and direct its future are invited to participate in Leadership Walton.

Participants for each Leadership class are selected to establish a diversified group in terms of race, sex, and occupation. Each Leadership class includes individuals from the business, social service, neighborhood, religious, cultural and education organizations that make up Walton County.

Nominations for this program come from businesses, organizations and individuals. Once nominated, each nominee is asked to complete an application. The Leadership Walton Steering Committee makes final selection of participants.

What Can the Participant Expect?

Each participant will learn about the challenges facing Walton County and about the people and organizations that work to develop and manage the response to these challenges. Participants also learn new leadership skills to use in their own efforts to addresses community issues.

Learning environments include both classroom training and community orientation sessions.  Classroom training sessions include topics on community awareness and on developing individual and community leadership skills.

Community orientation sessions may include presentations on public safety, health, growth, education, regional relationships, economic development planning and quality of life. The format of each session gives participants facts, opinions, and ideas relating to the subject and lets the participants speak directly with county leaders and service providers about problems, solutions, issues and opportunities.

How Much Time Will Be Required?

The Leadership Walton Program consists of one two-day retreat, nine one-day sessions, periodic study group sessions and a graduation ceremony. Meetings and activities are distributed over a nine-month period.  Each participant is expected to make a commitment to attend all of the sessions.

What is the Cost?

Tuition for the Leadership Walton class is $680 per person. Tuition is used to defray the cost of guest speakers, transportation, meals, retreat expenses, JW Fanning Institute and administrative costs. Each participant is responsible for paying their own tuition or by making arrangements for their tuition to be paid by their employer or sponsoring organization. If needed, the applicant may request special financial arrangements and apply for a partial scholarship.

Want to Make a Nomination?

To make a nomination for Leadership Walton, click here.