I do not own a business in Walton county but I have and have held an individual membership in the Walton Chamber of Commerce for the past 5 years. I first became familiar with the Chamber in 1992 when I was a consultant opening the "Three Amigo Restaurant". I returned again in 2005 representing the City of Loganville because of the years I have learned a County is only as strong as its' cities and the cities are only as strong as their business community. The Chamber teaches and offers opportunities for the business to expand their presence in the Community and to grow stronger with the help of the community. I have personally watched new businesses join the Chamber and grow for a home based business to stand alone location. The Walton County Chamber of Commerce played a small part in this and as a citizen one thing I can do is join the Chamber and become involved.  Thank you for allowing me to express my opinion and give my testimony.

Chuck Bagley

The Chamber has helped our business because it has been an avenue for us to meet people.  This has allowed our services to Walton County to expand and we have developed new relationships in the business sector. I think it has been a great balance partnering with the Chamber of Commerce on the Legislative Day.  We are able to work together with a different purposes to serve the same people in Walton.

Dena P. Huff, Executive Director
The Partnership

The Walton County Chamber of Commerce is a true asset to the area's business community. I attribute many of my company's successes to the networking, events, and committee involvement opportunities they provide. I was given direction and resources as a start-up company. As a home-based business, Georgia Connector Magazine was given a "store-front" through the Chamber. Any business who wants to maximize their company's potential through lead generation, sales, and new customers in and around Walton County must be a member of the Walton County Chamber of Commerce.

-Kenny Smiley, Owner/Publisher
Georgia Connector Magazine

Joining the Chamber two years ago was the best choice I could have made to make Summer's Landing well known in this area. We are located outside of town and getting to know the business men and women of Walton County has created customers for Summer's Landing as well as friends. We help each other with our events and fundraisers and have become a real community. There is a wonderful small town feel here and people who care about helping others. We reap what we sow and sowing into our own area is what makes us known and appreciated and it is where we get most of our customers. Thank you Walton County Chamber for your diligent commitment to all of us who live and do business in Walton County.

Pam Smith
Executive Director
Summer's Landing, Monroe