"The Chamber has helped our business because it has been an avenue for us to meet people.  This has allowed our services to Walton County to expand and we have developed new relationships in the business sector. I think it has been a great balance partnering with the Chamber of Commerce on the Legislative Day.  We are able to work together with a different purpose to serve the same people in Walton."

Dena P. Huff, Executive Director
The Partnership

"The Walton County Chamber of Commerce is a true asset to the area's business community. I attribute many of my company's successes to the networking, events, and committee involvement opportunities they provide. I was given direction and resources as a start-up company. As a home-based business, Georgia Connector Magazine was given a "store-front" through the Chamber. Any business who wants to maximize their company's potential through lead generation, sales, and new customers in and around Walton County must be a member of the Walton County Chamber of Commerce."

-Kenny Smiley, Owner/Publisher
Georgia Connector Magazine

“Newcomers to the Walton County community, as well as long term and native residents, reach out to the Walton County Chamber of Commerce for referrals of goods and services from established businesses and trusted professionals. Through their marketing efforts via website, internet, print, and just good old-fashioned networking, our Golf & Country Club has received several such referrals resulting in a significant increase to our membership.”

Tracie Mauldin, Membership Director
Monroe Golf & Country Club

“The Walton County Chamber of Commerce is one of the most valuable resources I have in my businesses. Teri Smiley, Kerie Rowe and the entire staff affords me the extra benefit of a source needed to help market and promote my businesses as well as provide beneficial networking opportunities through the events and publications sponsored by the Chamber.  Not only does the Walton County Chamber help to expose my businesses to the surrounding community they support and care about each and every member.  Walton County is very lucky to have this level of local support for small businesses under the leadership of Teri Smiley and the Chamber staff.”

Susan Boss
Southern Belle Boutique
Boss Brothers Country Store

"The Walton County Chamber is the standard bearer of Chambers in Georgia.  It has been a cornerstone to the growth of my agencies over the past 17 years in Walton County.  The relationships we’ve built, the networking and advertising opportunities available, and the ability to “plug-in” where necessary sets our Chamber apart from any other.  If you’re looking to be a part of the business community and grow your business, start at the Walton County Chamber!”

Peyton Pettus, MDRT, Presidents Club
State Farm Insurance

"Our membership in the Walton County Chamber of Commerce has been a huge asset to the growth of our company.  The Walton Chamber has provided us the opportunity to meet so many great people in the local governments and other like-minded business people who truly care about our community and the spirit of team work.  These relationships are important for the future of our success.”

Renee Park, Co-Owner
TAPP Plumbing

"Whether you are a new business in Walton County or one that has been operating for many years, membership in the chamber is a key component to long-term success. The relationships you build with the community in general and the business community specifically through your membership in the chamber will be extremely beneficial to your business now and in the future. Walton County is a tremendous place to own and operate a business, and I can tell you from experience that a big reason for that is the outstanding work done on a consistent basis by the Walton County Chamber of Commerce staff and its volunteers.”

Patrick Graham, Publisher
Walton Tribune

"Over the past almost 24 years as a Chamber member, I have built fabulous friendships with other business leaders in our community.  That is the #1 reason to become involved with the Chamber!  My agency gets referrals and new clients as a result of just being involved.  You have to show up, get on a committee, roll up your sleeves, have fun and everything else will fall into place!”

Patti Souther, Owner Agent
State Farm Insurance

"When I started my business in a new-to-me community, I thought the best way to get to know my potential market would be to get involved in the local community.  It was a natural first step to join the Walton County Chamber of Commerce.  10 years later and I can easily say over 75% of my clientele comes from a direct relationship built through the Chamber or a referral from a chamber member.  I truly believe in the cliché “ People Do Business With People They Know & Trust”, what better way to get to know people and build trustworthy relationships than through involvement in your local chamber.  As far as ROI, the Chamber membership has far surpassed any other investment of marketing funds and time in growing my business.”

Ginny Givens, CEO
Ginny’s Custom Embroidery Inc.

"As a non-profit organization, being a part of the Walton County Chamber of Commerce has allowed our district to build invaluable relationships with local businesses and community stakeholders. Through the Chamber's unique Walton Proud initiative, we have been able to work alongside other public and private schools in our county to promote outstanding educational opportunities for all students in the area. We are thankful for the Chamber's continued support of our district and look forward to continuing our long-standing partnership.”

Dr. Nathan Franklin, Superintendent
Walton County School District

"As an active member of the Walton County Chamber of Commerce, we continually have the opportunity to build strong relationships with business and individuals alike within our community. Building strong relationships often grows into excellent referrals which continue to advance Liberty First Bank.”

Dawn Griffin, President/CEO
Liberty First Bank

"When coming to Walton County and the Bank in 1997, I quickly learned that the Walton County Chamber of Commerce is one of the most important organizations in our community!  I have since encouraged every new member of our Athens First team to get involved on a committee that interests them as they will realize immediate benefits from the relationships and connections made.”

“The Chamber has a long history of supporting and promoting every sector of our community, including small and large business, our local cities and county government and our public and private schools systems.  The Chamber’s presence is noticeable in almost every event or activity you will find in Walton County.   I would strongly recommend all new and existing business owners to take the time to connect with our Chamber staff and let them help you find ways to be more engaged in our community and ultimately more successful!”

Meredith Malcom
Senior Vice President
Athens First Bank & Trust